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Pilates for Life                                                       Call Jacqui now: 07952 048765

"My Pilates course with Jacqui has become an essential part of my week. Her series of challenging exercises stretch every part of me. Jacqui's clear, friendly, instructive sessions are conducted in an uncrowded atmosphere and time is always allowed to address an individual need if this is necessary. I love going."                           Diana Jeffrey, Farnham

Pilates in Farnham and online
PilatesMax offer in-person classes in Farnham, Frensham and The Bourne, as well as online classes via Zoom. Our live Zoom classes can complement your in-person class or simply give you the flexibility to fit your class into your busy working week. Additionally each week clients receive a new Zoom recorded class free of charge. 

Monday          9am on Zoom


                       Bourne Club, South Farnham 

Tuesday         9.15am & 10.30am

                       Marindin Hall, Frensham     

Wednesday    6.40pm & 7.45pm

                       St Martin's Hall, Lower Bourne

Thursday        8.55am & 10am

                       Bourne Club, South Farnham

Friday             8.55am & 10.05am

                       Bourne Club, South Farnham        



Zoom classes are £8.50 per 45 minute class. 

In-person classes are £11.50 per 1 hour class when paying for the term, or £12.50 per class when paying half termly.

All classes are payable in half termly or termly blocks, largely following the Surrey schools calendar as listed below: 

Monday 15th April - Friday 12th July 2024

No classes for half term week 27th - 31st May

If you combine an in-person class with Monday's live Zoom class, the Zoom class is discounted to £7.50.

£47 per class

Highly effective, one-to-one tuition achieves results fast. PilatesMax will design a set of classes with specific exercises to achieve your personal needs and goals. 

Or if you work from home, why not take a 45 minute lesson in your lunch break? Jacqui can come to you with a tailored set of exercises. This 45 minute one-to-one class is £37.50 per lesson.

£11.50 per class


Join a PilatesMax group class for beginners, improvers or intermediates. Classes are £11.50 per session when bought as part of a 12 week course, or £12.50 per session when bought as part of a 6 week course (courses run in half terms or terms following the school calendar so may vary slightly in length and be priced accordingly). Occasionally space is available to drop in to classes for £15 per session. Please call to check class times and availability.





£8.50 per class

Group Zoom classes are highly effective, and particularly good for those with little time to spare and a good grasp of the Pilates method.

Jacqui will ensure she can see all clients clearly so that she can continue to give targeted feedback to improve technique and help clients get the most out of their 45 minute class.



Try PilatesMax today

We are confident you'll love PilatesMax classes. Come and try a session before joining a group for a block of classes. 

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