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Pilates is the no.1 anti-ageing activity

Pilates has been listed as number 1 in Fit & Well Magazine's best 5 anti-ageing activities, and for good reason. 'This full-body workout will help improve flexibility, strength and posture, all of which can decline with age. It's calming, so can keep a lid on high blood pressure, while the focus on deep breathing can lower cortisol levels - the stress hormone that causes your body to age faster than it should'.

My Pilates classes in Farnham have a strictly limited number of spaces. Many people who try them stay for years, and several sign up for two classes a week to really feel an amazing difference to their bodies longterm. I have a new Thursday morning class starting in January, and a few spaces in other classes, so please if you are interested, get in touch now for a FREE TRIAL CLASS before the January rush. You can find me at

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